Science Innovation Hall of Fame Awards (SIHOF) 2019

I managed all things visual and creative at the Air Zoo starting in November 2018. Creating the look for SIHOF was a huge project, and I’m incredibly pleased with how everything turned out. The Science Innovation Hall of Fame Awards (SIHOF) take place every year and honor students and educators committed to innovating within local STEAM education programs, in conjunction with the Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame Awards (MAHOF).

For the night-of program part of the project, I wanted to play with a bit of experimental typography and overtight leading, which was really fun. The design got rave reviews from guests the night of the awards and from colleagues leading up to it. Programs with bios often fall prey to predictable layouts with way too much text, so for this I made sure to edit down text as much as possible and use elements to increase white space and readability.

The invitation format stayed the same as the previous year, but I overhauled the design to become more simple and bright.