Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Corporate Engineering Challenge 2019

Rosie the Riveter was the perfect avatar for the Society of Women Engineers’ Corporate Engineering Challenge. This event, held annually at the Air Zoo in February, brings together between 150 and 200 girls ages 9-12 who are interested in engineering, and connects them with local corporations who employ women as engineers. The girls, broken into teams led by grownup engineers, visit the corporations’ tables and do fun engineering activities to fill up their event passports. Then the challenge itself begins – each team must engineer a creation that can accomplish an assigned task.

The event passport itself had to include a few different elements – the actual passport checklist itself, a schedule, a map, and a survey. I created a double-sided quad-fold brochure that rolled open, with a detachable final panel that included both the survey and the passport sections, to be turned in at the end of the event. I updated the existing survey to fit the required space, and added more inclusive options for race and gender.I organized the map and color coded it based on the corporations’ shirts, and created groupings of teams that worked not only for organizing build areas, but also for dividing groups up for lunch and panel shifts.

The shirts were the most challenging part of this project. Getting sponsor approval on a design from 23 organizations’ stakeholders is no small feat, but it worked out in time!

Here are a few images I shot during the event of the shirts in action! The girls had a great time, explored interesting activities at the corporations’ booths, and did an incredible job at the challenge itself, which was themed after the iconic 1969 moon landing.